Splinter Chabot Splinter Chabot
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Splinter Chabot

Splinter Chabot (b. 1996) is a TV presenter, political junkie and a born optimist. He read political science and theatre studies at the University of Amsterdam. Although the narrator in hs debut CONFETTI RAIN is called Wobie, it is an autobiographical story of Chabot’s coming-out and the way that led to it. In a Dutch television programme, Chabot revealed that even though his parents were open-minded, he still struggled with his sexuality and even had suicidal thoughts.

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The Courage to be Yourself
40,000 copies sold

CONFETTI RAIN is a beautiful, disarming and moving story about a boy named Wobie who grows up in a friendly and safe environment. Like in a fairy-tale world. Once at school, he discovers that some people would rather see his enthusiasm caged, that certain clothes are only intended for girls, and that love is more complicated than drawing a little heart.

On the basis of three defining encounters during his youth, Wobie comes to know more and more about himself. As he grows older, he slowly but steadily discovers that he is different from his brothers, different from his classmates, different from the person he thought he was. Different from the person he wanted to be. A grey mist slowly begins to creeps into his life, and he starts to discover what he first ignored, then feared, but finally celebrated. This is a diary of that struggle and journey.

CONFETTI RAIN is not only a wonderful story to read but also an important book in which different generations will recognize themselves and one that different generations will be touched by.

Michele Hutchison – recent winner of the Booker International Prize for her translation of The Discomfort of Evening by Marieke Lukas Rijneveld – has made a sample translation of CONFETTI RAIN.

(c) Anton Corbijn

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