About us

Marijke Nagtegaal, senior rights manager, is responsible for exploiting translation and film rights. She has more than twenty-five years’ experience selling subsidiary rights for the works of top authors at various publishing houses. As a child she was already hooked on reading. Her work provides a positive outlet for her self-assertiveness which she uses to couple her authors to the very best partners, both nationally and internationally. Every Saturday morning, she posts an update on Facebook about her daughters, husband and work. She loves to buy dresses and flowers, and doesn’t like to exercise.

Uta Matten, rights manager, is responsible for exploiting translation and theatre rights, and she has worked with Marijke for ten years. In 2005, after receiving her master’s degree in German, Anglo and Dutch literary studies, she started working in publishing and has never looked back since. She doesn’t like Facebook, loves to talk about books. She enjoys giving perfect compliments and is crazy about regular filter coffee, though she hardly ever finishes it.

Between them, Marijke and Uta have negotiated over a thousand translation contracts as well as dozens of film and theatre contracts, and they regularly attend film and book festivals around the world.

Anne van den Heuvel is responsible for exploiting speakers bureau Bee Speakers. Previously she lived in New York, where she threw herself into the buzzing book world as a literary scout. She loves nature but doesn’t have green fingers, gets a kick out of connecting people with literature, and has little patience unless she has her nose in a book.