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Geert Mak

Geert Mak was born in 1946. He is a journalist and writer. His books include Amsterdam, How God Disappeared from Jorwerd, My Father’s Century, In Europe and The Many Lives of Jan Six. He has won numerous awards, including the Leipziger Buchpreis and the Prins Bernhard Cultural Oeuvre Prize. His new book Great Expectations will be published by Atlas Contact in November 2019. A TV series based on Great Expectations will be broadcasted in the autumn of 2019 on Dutch television, radio and online. Geert Mak’s work has been translated in twenty-two languages.

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Great Expectations

Modern history
The highly anticipated sequel to In Europe; 140,000 copies sold
Translation rights sold: Siedler (Germany), Harvill Secker (UK and ANZ), Anansi (Canada), Gallimard (France), Cappelen Dam (Norway), Okdang (South-Korea), Fazi (Italy), Epilog (Denmark), Metaichmio (Greece)

Great Expectations is the long-awaited sequel to Geert Mak’s immensely successful In Europe (2004). While In Europe dealt with the 20th century, the past and how the major events of that, in many ways, horrific period marked by two world wars has shaped us, Great Expectations examines the first two decades of the 21st century, and picks up where In Europe ends: in 1999. Mak sketches the climate and the mood at the turn of the century, the optimism that reigned but vanished along the way, the sentiments surrounding the implementation of the euro, the consequences of the September 11 attacks, the situation in Eastern Europe and Russia, the financial crisis, the USA, northern versus southern Europe, and the refugees.

In June 2020 an entirely updated Epilogue (Epiloog) has been published in which Geert Mak catches the corona virus in the act. This new Epilogue will be part of all forthcoming international editions of Great Expectations.

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